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Chocolate Lava Souffle

Cocoa-soaked sponge cake with a rich molten warm Godiva chocolate center. Served with vanilla ice cream


Creme Brulee

Delicious baked custard perfumed with fresh vanilla beans, lightly carmelized and topped with fresh seasoned berries


Limoncello Tartufo

Lemon Gelato with a Lemoncello heart covered in a meringue sprinkles


New York Cheese Cake

NY CheesecakeSmooth, light and creamy cheese cake sewed with seasonal berries


Sicillian Canoli

Classic Sicillia pastry shell filled with a sweet creamy ricotta cheese dotted with chocolate chips



TiramisuThree soft layers of sponge cake soaked with expresso, alternated with a cocktail of creams, elegantly dusted with cocoa powder. Made with mascarpone